Software Developer, Physician, Dermatologist.

My Aim: Employ leading edge technology to improve patient care in Dermatology.

My Focus: Virtual Care and Artificial Intelligence (ML)

I am a board certified dermatologist practicing medical dermatology (skin cancer and inflammatory diseases) in Kamloops, British Columbia. I am Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia; I remain an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto working as the Virtual Care Lead for the Division of Dermatology, with a particular interest in virtual peer-to-peer support for clinicians managing inpatients who suffer from skin conditions.

I'm working hard on some artificial intelligence initiatives in Dermatology - it's a challenging space! More to come.

Before medicine, I was a software developer who worked on real-time systems and Windows C++/C# user interfaces. I have written a few apps (that are badly out of date!) and these days program in C#, Python, and Swift - I very much enjoy no longer having to keep track of pointers.

My clinic is at 595 Columbia St. W (west up the Columbia st hill, away from the hospital, on the Frontage Rd), in Kamloops BC. Our entrance is actually located on Greenstone Drive.
Phone: 236-218-2330
Fax: 250-434-1328