Software Developer, Physician, Dermatologist.

My Aim: Employ leading edge technology to improve patient care in Dermatology.

My Focus: Virtual Care and Artificial Intelligence (ML)

I am a board certified dermatologist practicing general medical dermatology (skin cancer and inflammatory diseases). I currently have clinics at Women's College Hospital and Cleveland Clinic.

Before medicine, I was a software developer who worked on real-time systems and Windows C++/C# user interfaces. I have written a few apps (that are badly out of date!) and these days program in C#, Python, and Swift - I very much enjoy no longer having to keep track of pointers.

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and have a full time academic position at Women's College Hospital as a Clinician in Quality and Innovation, with a research focus on technology, e-Health and virtual solutions, and machine learning / artificial intelligence in Dermatology. I am an Innovation Fellow with the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV), and recently founded the Sunnybrook Dermatology Machine Learning Lab based out of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center Division of Dermatology to promote progressive, responsible AI use and integration with Dermatology.

Ongoing projects include dissemination of the results of our intra-institutional teledermatology study, as well as new evaluations of novel virtual care solutions, partnerships with leading technology companies, acting as an advisor for the Biomedical zone partnership, and working hard to bring new and innovative dermatology machine learning initiatives to the University of Toronto. We are currently testing the performance of a new classifier on a number of rare skin conditions.